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Lily & Blessing’s sweet getaway

_Lily is on the last part to recovery from Henry, what better way than to spend some alone time with Blessing at a resort._

: This was exactly what I needed to get what’s left of my Mr. Formal Pants out of my system, feeling the cool ocean breeze while sipping cocktails surrounded by bikini clad bodies and guys showing off their toned abs, I looked forward to this weekend since Blessing agreed to it, I couldn’t be more happier.
She decided to stay at the La Campagne Tropicana resort, Blessing loved the scenery and I enjoyed the serenity and so it’s been perfect, we’re so ready to unwind, Blessing was looking younger and radiant in a two piece patterned swimsuit and a light maxi dress, everything looked great on her.

: “Let’s walk” she said standing up
We walked side by side on the sand laughing and shoving each other, loving the stares that seemed to follow, I was tipsy and I loved it, I watched her jet-skiing, she looked hot as hell, we had some more drinks at the bar.
“Let’s go to our room” she whispered
I knew she was hornv and so was I.
“Let’s have some drinks” I said.
We were each sipping our last drink when he came to sit and order a drink.
He was beautifully built, with amazing biceps standing at about 6’1 with beards and hair ruffled looking so fucking hot. I looked up and realized Blessing was staring at him as well, and like on instincts she turned and gave me a very naughty look then turned around and to strike a conservation with me.
It was so smooth the way she did it, he was heading to a bonfire party and she got us invited, we downed our drinks and headed to the party, it was lit with music slightly blasting with sparsely dressed people grinding against each other while others were making out on the side.

He got us drinks and we talked a bit about ourselves altering the truth a little bit here and there.
“Let’s go dance” Blessing said tugging my hands
“Alright” we both said in sync
“But first” he said reaching into his pockets and dropped a tiny white pill into our palms, it was obviously ecstasy, we exchanged smiles with Blessing and threw it into our mouth simultaneously
We made our way to the dance floor, Blessing got a dance partner and I was dancing with Steve, he felt so big and strong, we danced and I twerked on him till I felt the outline of his dick, it made me smiled.
The E kicked in and everything felt and looked beautiful, I was happy and excited, Blessing came around and dragged me into her, we were slowly grinding on each other till Steve joined, dancing in between blessing and I.

Blessing suddenly kissed him and giggled afterwards, we took another pill and danced some more.
Thirty minutes later, we were in our room kissing and grabbing each other, Blessing went down and unzipped his trousers, pulled out his dick and smiled up at us before covering it with her mouth.
She started to bop her head up and down while I kissed him with him grabbing and squeezing my boobs, he groaned into my mouth as she pushed him deeper into her throat, she stopped reached into the bedside nightstand and, grabbed a condom, wrapped it around him and smiled her naughty smile.
I took off my bum short and crawled on the bed with on all fours pushing out my ass, he shoved a finger into my wet pussy and reached around to squeeze my boob, he grabbed my ass with both hands and pushed into me and boy did he fill me up.
“Oh fuck! That’s deep” I moaned throwing my hair back.
He moved slamming hard into me making me moan louder, Blessing sat opposite me with her legs spread out, she rubbed her clit looking straight at me, she grabbed her boob and squeezed, she was moving slightly up and down her fingers moaning softly, seeing her touch herself and being pounded from behind was driving me crazy.
I could see cum dripping around her fingers and I just wanted to taste it, like reading my mind she etched closers to my face, I buried my face and sucked, swirling her clothes with my tongue, he pushed deeper into me fucking me faster, he grabbed my ass pushed in deeper and came into the rubber, he pulled out letting me go.


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